(R)EVOLUTION BERLINALE 66: Routing the Global “Integration” Movement Through Berlin

“We are all Africans,” announced Meryl Streep, president of the International Jury for 66. Internationale Filmfestspiele Berlin. With this statement, Meryl Streep set the tone for Berlinale 66., with its generous offerings of global cinema, as the red hot center of a universal movement into holistic integration, reflected within the individual and global society. StreepContinue reading “(R)EVOLUTION BERLINALE 66: Routing the Global “Integration” Movement Through Berlin”


BREAKING DOWN BOUNDARIES: Toby Ashraf’s Astounding Berlin Art Film Festival

Toby Ashraf, the wunderkind Founder and Director of the Berlin Art Film Festival, who recently introduced a Mitte screening of ART GIRLS, the Berlin avant-garde multimedia feature film that crystallises the ever-present origin of a global movement centered in Berlin. Still refreshingly raw as it appeals to audience participation for self-definition, the experimental (“Post Migration”)Continue reading “BREAKING DOWN BOUNDARIES: Toby Ashraf’s Astounding Berlin Art Film Festival”

“Mars One: Venus Zero” Settling the 3.0 Score at English Theatre Berlin

With their first production at Daniel Brunet’s new 3.0 vision at the English Theater in Berlin, A Fish Needs a Bicycle expands the boundaries of theater by introducing a third character of uncertainty: Twitter. The chilling real time window into the hate generated lower vibration cyberspace projected into the spare set just hints at theContinue reading ““Mars One: Venus Zero” Settling the 3.0 Score at English Theatre Berlin”

Igor Przybylski’s “Maximum Speed”

Since launching this blog in conjunction with the November 2014 publication of Hermeneutics of New Modernism, my first view into painterly forms of a new modernism was an erotic immersion… Super hot icons of “entanglement” combine with the object(ive) of speed. Igor Pryzbylski’s “Maximum Speed” (Hochstgeschwindigkeit) creates 21st century icons of quantum entanglement out ofContinue reading “Igor Przybylski’s “Maximum Speed””


The Steinmatte laboratory of European Graduate School overlooking the idyllic village of Saas Fee, Switzerland.  The dice are thrown against the sky, with all the force of displacement of the alienator point, with their imperative points like lightning, forming ideal problem-constellations in the sky. They fall back to Earth with all the force of theContinue reading “INTRODUCTION TO “HERMENEUTICS OF NEW MODERNISM””