THE THIRD is popular term for “hieros gamos” or “Dreieinigkeit” a term Nietzsche used in his revisioning the holy trinity as the Übermensch.

In quantum physics, THE THIRD is the state of entanglement, giving rise to the phenomenology of the wavicle as the interchange between particle and wave.

In the body, THE THIRD is about the marriage of the right and left hemispheres of the brain.  In the culture, THE THIRD is arising as the TRANSGENDER, which literally means TRANS (movement) between the GENDER poles of postive (masculine) and negatiive (feminine).

Free Dictionary: TRANS-
1. Across; on the other side; beyond: transpolar.
2. Through: transcontinental.
3. Change; transfer: transliterate.
4. Having a pair of identical atoms on opposite sides of two atoms linked by a double bond.


The following is an excerpt from “The Crystal Palace” page on The Biology of the Kundalini website:

If you watch John Boorman’s Excalabur, 1981 you will see the wording around the grail legend to be a perfect description of the inner alchemy. The King and the Land are One–if one finds the Grail one recovers their soul by which the land and society are made healthy–“I didn’t know how empty I was until I became full.” And whom does the Grail serve? It serves the Universal King of Soul, but not the Wounded King of ego. One could call amrita the Elixir of Soul and the crystal palace in which it is formed is the sacred chalice itself.

The contents of the Grail is “amrita,” the Essence of Soul…it is the key to our enlightenment or our “already full state.” It raises us to the spiritual level which is generous…generative…radiant gratitude. It doesn’t actually need anything because it’s already full. Serving the world comes through the simple act of Being, at that level. Basically we fill up and supplant our deprivation state with Essence. They say about the Christ-Fire, or the energy up the Sushumna, that all sin (deprivation) is burned clean and absolved in the Christ-Fire. This is directly pointing to the tendency of kundalini to burn through the pain-body and change the amygdala and other parts of the limbic and emotional response system helping us to transcend our wiring that was built in response to “this cruel world.”

The Crystal Palace is the “upper alchemical vessel” in which the coniuncto, or union of the opposites takes place. In Taoism these areas or cauldrons in which the elixir is cultivated are called Tan Tiens or Medicine Fields. The solar plexus is the Middle Tan Tien and below the belly button is the Lower Tan Tien. In the fetus the neural chrest splits in two and one half develops into the central nervous system, while the other becomes the Enteric nervous system or “stomach brain.” In the Eastern world internal alchemy was developed to educate this stomach brain to produce the Pearl or the Elixir.

Western Alchemists through the hierosgamos or sacred marriage the alchemists hoped to produce lapis philosophorum by which the aspirant achieved “Know Thyself” status. The philosophers stone was said to have utopian qualities, to cure all ills, ensure immortality, bestow wisdom, resolve all conflict and to establish peace, harmony and equanimity. In psychological terms this represents the union of the conscious self with the unconscious (sub/trans) in forging the Self or the Whole Human. The initiate learnt from within to know all that is heaven and earth. That is they discovered “what” rather than “who” they are. The sacred marriage or mysterium coniunctionis, is none other than the play of yin and yang represented in the Tao.

The grand goal of the alchemical opus in both East and West was the integration of the Whole Human with the unus mundus or “the world in which all is one”…the Eternal Ground of Being. Such merger of the personal will with the transpersonal or Universal Will meant the embodiment of the impulses of Spirit in one’s daily life…that is Divine Illumination. To this end the caelum, lapis, ambrosia or amrita, which connotes the sublimated quintessence extracted from the body, the unconscious and the world, was achieved through various alchemical operations (eg: mortification, coagulatio, sublimatio, coniuncto).

The Elixer of Life was manufactured to the greatest degree in the Crystal Palace…and the “product” of this process of crystallization of primal Spirit through the circulation and lasering of the Light was referred to as the Golden Flower, or the Golden Ball. But after this generation at the third eye the Divine Influx must then be drawn down into the lower abdomen (lower tan tien) if the “fruit” of the Golden Flower is to be made. If the Golden Flower is not thus brought down into the abdomen, then a true integration of the Self with the unus mundus is forfeited along with the synchronicity, self-reliance and affirmative action needed for constructive change. That is the individual is still a “Wounded King” rather than a Universal King.


“In Tibetan Buddhism…(the Crystal Palace) is the source of the “White Drop” that descends to the heart center, where it mixes with the ascending “Red Drop” to attain an enlightened body and mind. All this activity is seen as a cosmic sex act in the head. The phallic-shaped pineal gland releases a pure white liquid light that impregnates the nearby bi-lobed pituitary gland, which then releases hormones in the blood that inaugurate a Second (Spiritual) Puberty in the body.” ~

The pituitary gland is located inside a round bony cavity that is separated from the sphenoid sinus by a thin bone that forms the roof of the sphenoid sinus. The sphenoid sinus is the most posterior sinus. The drainage from the sphenoid is almost directly down the throat from an ostium (hole) that opens into the posterosuperior part of the nasal cavity. The sphenoid sinus is adjacent to the main nerve that is responsible for vision, the optic nerve. The main artery that goes to the brain, the carotid artery, travels along the wall of this sinus.

Also nerve impulses from the eyes and ears pass through the colliculi with the pineal directly overhead separated by CSF. Thus secretions from the pineal would have a direct impact on the colliculi. The colliculus is part of the brain that sits below the thalamus and surrounds the pineal gland. It is involved in the generation of eye movements and hand-eye coordination. The colliculus receives visual, as well as auditory inputs, and its deeper layers are connected to many sensorimotor areas of the brain. The colliculus as a whole is thought to help orient the head and eyes toward something seen or heard.

During initiation of the Crystal Palace hormones including oxytocin and vasopressin are released from the pituitary into the blood stream to facilitate the metamorphic birth. The fact that the nerves and blood vessels that feed the eyes and middle ear pass through the cavernous sinus either side of the sphenoid sinus leads us to speculate on the mechanisms behind both Celestial Music that is heard when the Crystal Place is lit up, and changes in the eyes such as light emerging from them, changes of consciousness seen in the eyes and faculty of transcendental vision itself.

When the Crystal Chamber is lit transcendental vision occurs. Transcendental vision probably occurs due to increased kundalini flow raising dopamine and phenylethylamine etc…All kind of changes happen in the retinas and occipital lobes, including increased ATP production acting as a neurotransmitter and histamine increasing blood flow in the brain, and increase in nitric oxide metabolism. The end result being that one has an increase in visual acuity, inner visions, inner lights, seeing auras and vivid dreams. If you try the drug Ecstasy you are likely to see auras, and have transcendental vision so there must be some similarity in the chemical mechanism between Ecstasy and kundalini.

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