As readers of this blog know, “THE EVENT/THE THIRD” was announced in HuffPost Arts on September 9, 2014. This led to the establishment of this blog dedicated to tracking the event over any & every boundary — whether they be mental, emotional or physical…

From Mars/Venus in Aquarius, sign of the sacred marriage, approaching Pluto (lower left) to the Venus/Mars conjunction with Pluto (lower right) …to todays Venus/Saturn conjunction…the seven year (quarter turn of the Saturn cycle) fidelity to the event concludes with the Dark Moon in Pisces conjunction to the Pisces Full Moon of the THE EVENT/THE THIRD (upper right).

The crucial criteria for an event to be an event was reported on this blog in Entanglement in the Alps: Di Nicola’s “Trauma and Event” and the Third. The world-renowned Montreal psychiatrist, Vincenzo di Nicola, is a disciple of Alain Badiou, preeminent philosopher of “the event.”

In bringing the event into psychiatry, di Nicola uncovered the three crucial factors: announcing, naming & fidelity. The first was accomplished on 9/09/14; the second, a proper naming, took five years; the third extended beyond the naming, a testing of Saturn’s demand for effectiveness and endurance (see”Sacred Reality & the Yod ” below). This was often excruciating, given the demands required by such a focus over a sustained period of time while the collective was going through a process of acclimatization to the Third.

The Self (hieros gamos) as reflected in astro-solar kinetics fulfills the Mobius strip of inner/outer comprising the human being in an age of space exploration.

The project dominated my life, making it impossible to earn a living or even commit to a particular place or person. I found myself in desolated alleyways across the globe shouting …


In Germany, the cry was “UBER!” which worked its way into the doctoral dissertation title.

The feeling was simply wanting the project to be OVER. However, the double meaning embracing the complementary opposites (uber/over vs. unter/under) strikes via Nietzsche’s message: OVERCOMING!

While the homo generator struggles to get over fate, the lesson to be learned was there is only one method — getting under the planet of karma. This means accepting the rewards & punishments meted out by the taskmaster of chronological time.

The overview from the 360˚ perspective of the natural YOD …

…amounts to a grail journey into the wave of the oncoming Age of Aquarius.

THE EVENT/THE THIRD was announced under the Pisces Full Moon of September 9, 2014. This date was two weeks after the Saturn/Mars conjunction (17˚ ♏︎) under the Virgo New Moon.

In order to get over the durational significance of the effectiveness of that fortnight of pressure, the homo generator had to maintain a balance, head up & down meeting in the THIRD place of the ART-I-FACT.

The seven-year (quarter of the Saturn cycle) fidelity to the event concluded with acceptance to PHY2022 (6th International Conference on Recent advances in Physics) in Sydney, Australia.

“An Arrow Thrown in the Direction of the World.” Alain Badiou
The Venus/Mars Conjunction to Pluto sextile the South Node conjunct the Mars/Saturn influence on THE EVENT/THE THIRD (September 9, 2014) — forming a YOD to Lilith/Moon ion Gemini opposing the Midheaven. Dark Matter/Dark Energy has a say from the perspective of the THIRD theory of physics.

Seven years later, this cry meets its target on the day of the annual Saturn/Venus conjunction unter the Dark Moon preceding the Mars/Saturn conjunction following the Aries New Moon.

The concluding Yod trigger under a Dark Moon Venus conjunction to Saturn, with Mars approaching…signifying resolution/completion to the grand commitment — in this scenario to the fidelity of THE EVENT/THE THIRD.

From one Saturn/Mars fixed sign (♏︎) conjunction thru the quarter turn of the 28-year Saturn cycle…


uber/unter…above/below… within/without




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