The emergence of a new modernist movement requires a new science incorporating right/left brain methodologies of inquiry.

This Science of Magic brings a new terminology.

The terminology for the THIRD/HIEROS GAMOS is derived from two traditions: the underground alchemical tradition revived by Carl Jung in the 20th century and continental philosophy from its origins in Kant to Hegel, Schopenhauer, Nietzsche and Heidegger through the French deconstructuralist/poststructuralist movement (Lacan, Foucault, Agamben, Badiou) transversing the late 20th century to the turn of the 21st century.

The terminology used in the Science of Magic is adapted from these two sources as well as the occult apparatus that Dr. Streitfeld introduced into continental philosophy: alchemy, numerology, astrology and symbolism.

The analysis utilizing these tools was underground for two decades before it began to be published in 2011 with Dr. Streitfeld’s essay on Aldo Tambellini. Her project to pioneer the use of occult apparatus in hermeneutics began with the 2014 publication of her Master’s thesis, Hermeneutics of New Modernism (Atropos 2014). It took another six years for the crystallization into a system of terminology that can be accessed on this page.

This took place through three articles: the first was a special issue of the art world publication, New Observations: “Eros as the Unifying Force of a New Modernism”; the second was “Zadik Zadikian’s Leap into the Third: Standard Bearer of a 21st Century Neomodernism”; and the third was for the Unreal edition of jods.mit.edu: “Paul is a Dead at Fifty: An Excavation.”

Writing about the evolution of The Beatles mediology from analog to digital spurred the appropriation of “The Science of Magic” to crystallize her thirty year project.

Beatles Bardo

Bracketted Meaning


These terms, along with the others used in The Science of Magic, are defined here:


Introduced by Jung’s disciple, Marie Louise von Franz, the term means a number standing alone as Signifier. In western culture, numbers are tools for human use and therefore manipulation to mean what is intended by the ego and interpreted only through left brain logic. The autonomy of number is the opposite; numbers have meaning that require a left brain intuition for a holistic comprehension outside of ego control. Numbers appearing in dreams, an authentic work of art or writing, as well as in synchronicities trigger magical moments in time known as synchronicities.

This revolutionary western concept about number as autonomous was proposed by Jung’s disciple, Marie Louise von Franz in her study of synchronicity within holistic eastern systems.

Autonomous number means number as both quantitative and qualitative which requires both sides of the brain.

Lisa Streitfeld brought this concept into continental philosophy with her Master’s thesis Hermeneutics of New Modernism in which she directed sentences to Schopenhauer to reveal a balance in number as well as structure.  This methodology enables the juxtaposition of subject/object as a passage to the whole mind, a reflection of the “theory of everything.”

In a subsequent deconstruction of Badiou’s text, “Duchamp and the Number 3,” Dr. Streitfeld demonstrated how the philosopher’s Right Brain compensated for his overuse of Left Brain via unconscious organization of his discourse in thirds.

With her groundbreaking Beatles’ analysis for JoBS series UNREAL, she applied numerology as apparatus of hermeneutics and semiotics to interpret the meaning of hidden Beatles’ messages, as well as the mythology created interactively within the Paul is Dead Community.


Introduced into continental philosophy by the Italian Philosopher Giorgio Agamben, apparatus is the method by which an idea is apprehended. By defining the apparatus, one can understand the systems at work. Agamben was evolving the Foucault term Depositif.


The manifest trace of the artist’s journey into the 21st century icon of the hieros gamos. It can be in any form, physical or digital, in that it creates a piece of the puzzle of the whole, which is the epic into which artist filters, through the material, the collective consciousness of their times. For our times, the early 21st century, these ART-I-FACTS express the human quest to be whole.

Dr. Streitfeld’s term for the discarded skins of a spiritual journey of transformation is what is typically cast aside as residue. The Science of Magic honors these cast-offs with no commercial value as stand-alone relics in their own right, though they are also integral to the spiritual Journey. This dual characteristic of being independent and interconnected to the whole is the core of a New Modernism.


The Auto Epic arises out of the erotic consciousness. It is the personal mythological narrative that summons the Art-I-fact as phenomenology of the journey. Constantly seeking definition, the paradox of the aliveness of the auto-epic is that it only is complete with death, thereby making the phenomenology surrounding expiration the crucial conclusion to the Gesamtkunstwerk.

This term is the process by which a traveler creates a narrative that is both personal and universal from their struggle to become a new modernist. A good place to begin is with the natal astrology chart.


Foucault demonstrated this term of his through his many texts. Archeology is the uncovering of artifacts to establish a narrative of time and place. The process of internal digging is reflected in external digging to retrieve mediology that creates a new story bt retrieving what has been lost to earlier versions.


Archetypes is a term invented by Carl Jung referring to universal energies typically activated in life and death situation. Jung secretly used astrology for character analysis and potentially for forecasting, so this term was likely derived from the symbols and signs in a horoscope, for example, the Dark mother, the puer eternus. Astrology provides a holistic language for the detection and interaction of archetype energies through learning the meaning of the constellations and the myths of their interrelationships with the wanderers, as the planets were known to the ancient civilizations. .


This is a term Dr. Streitfeld invented when writing about The Beatles in a Bardo state between life and death during their final transformative epoch (1967-1970) which was epoch. The speculation as to the origin of Beatles Bardo, or alchemical alembic was examined through the charge of Paul is Dead.


This is the Heideggerisn term of Being as a process of Becoming. It refers to the Emergent as the birth of a new archetype, the icon of the Age of Aquarius.


Dr. Streitfeld invented this term for the reality in which cultural critic Donald Brackett coined term “embodied meaning” is denied. Despite the feminist art emphasis on the body, the meaning was denied in the art world and academia, and therefore “bracketted” in the margins as ethnic or spiritual art. By way of recognizing the brackets in which “embodied meaning” has been hidden in 21st century, the archeology can be excavated, thereby removing the corpus/corps from the Bracketts.


Conversion is the 21st century philosophy arising out of the European Graduate School Media Lab (1998-2014) founded and directed by Wolfgang Schirmacher codified by Dr. Streitfeld in her Master’s thesis (Hermeneutics of New Modernism).


This term was innovated for an excavation of The Beatles online Gesamtkunstwerk, which evolves through new contributions by way of the “Paul is Dead” Legend.  Dr. Streitfeld excavated a collaborative ongoing narrative through hermeneutics and semiotics by way of her introduction of occult apparatus into the academy: numerology, astrology and alchemy.  This methodology of archeological excavation and interpretation transformed narrative into a shared mythology of death and rebirth for the Age of Aquarius.

She adapts the Foucault term from the German linguist Siegfried Jäger:

Interaction of discursive behavior (I.e. speech and thoughts) based upon a shared knowledge pool), non-discursive behavior (i. e. acts based upon knowledge), and manifestations of knowledge by means of acts or behaviors …. Dispositifs can thus be imagined as a kind of Gesamtkunstwerk, the complexly interwoven and integrated dispositifs add up in their entirety to a dispositif of all society.”



Doppleganger in Berlin photo by Lisa Paul Streitfeld c. 2015. This is not an optical illusion but two separate identical individuals.

The Doppelganger, a reflection of Other, is a literary and philsophy term for the externalization of an inner projection.  The doubling relationship related to a need to externally manifest an inner feeling or constellation of energy that can be read through the relationships of planetary bodies in your horoscope. Today’s leading Kulturindustrie theorist, Dr. Laurence Rickels, has been the pioneering interpreter of the Shadow in academia through his psychoanalysis of the popular genre of the horror film. His penetrating research of the past two decades reveals the vampire to have entered German literature through the doppelganger. The utilization of the terminology of doubling (Doppel) for the Shadow associated with the life-draining vampire is significant. This is the external projection utlized by the film medium of celluloid to evoke the internal barrier to human transcendence out of realism.


This is a Badiou term that the French philosopher applied to 1968, the event that swept away the old guard and brought in the new which defined him as a philosopher. Dr. Streitfeld utilized the term to declare The Event as a multidisciplinary quantum leap into the Third, which she chronicled in Huffington Post Arts, September 9, 2014.


The Emergent refers to the activation of Being. While Heidegger introduced the term BEING into western philosophy, he focused on defining BEING itself rather than specific characteristics of a new Being. Due to the fact that Carl Jung created the terms for the mystical passage into the Emergent archetype of the Hieros Gamos after he was excluded from western philosophy, Heidegger was limited, like the rest of western philosophy, by language for any effort to define BEING beyond its relation to time. This was the third left out of his text: Seit und Seid (Being and Time) and associated with the Nazis in terms of place due to his political affiliations in Hitler’s Germany.


Erotic consciousness is a fully embodied awareness that arises from the central heart/solar plexus integration of the right and left sides of the body, including right and left brain.  The term was coined by the Jungian deconstructionist Remo Roth, protégée of Marie Louise Von Franz, who gifted him with a treasure trove of Third years of correspondence between Carl Jung and Wolfgang Pauli, which he translated and interpreted for his 2012 breakthrough text.


Nietzsche’s term related to the Übermensch is about the cycle of life/death/rebirth which the philosopher experienced in a single lifetime, thereby establishing the prototype for the 20th century genius who must lose the (ego) self in order to connect with the (higher) Self.  Dr. Streitfeld’s excavation of Nietzsche’s 1882 love affair with Lou Salome determined an early prescient connection to the Hieros Gamos icon during a moment of “bliss” on Sacro Monte, thereby establishing the inner/outer model of the Möbius strip form the configuration makes in the 21st century.

Recurrence is a term used in the Science of Magic for the renewal of sacred reality in illo tempore, established by Dr. Streitfeld in her  “Paul is Dead at Fifty: An Excavation.”


Excavation is a Foucault term connected to archeology, meaning brining up the buried corpses of a matter that was considered buried and forgotten. Foucault’s estBlished the practice of excavating the burial sites in arenas such as madness and sexuality best forgotten in academic study.


“Gadget Love” is a term for the addiction to the hand held apparatus.  It is both an electronic vibratory and sensual distraction from focusing on the present moment in which body, mind and spirit are capable of making the leap into the Third if there is an internal integration.  “Gadget Love” is the Kulturindustrie term for the distractions of the consumer marketplace which preoccupy the mind and fingers from daily living. The addiction to the free electron precludes and overtakes any content transmitted via this 21st century medium of communication.


This German term means TOTAL WORK OF ART. As defined by Boris Groys, the Gesamtkunstwerk is precisely what it characterizes: a Creation which one gets lost in, where there is no way out. Dr. Streitfeld used this term for The Beatles ongoing mediology collaborative creation of an epic narrative newly defined by the marriage of analog and digital.


Hermeneutics was brought into the American Transcentalist Movement by Margaret Fuller. As editor of Emerson’s The Dial, Fuller was the Mother of a new American Literature.

Hermeneutics is derived from Thrice Great Hermes, the Greek name for the Egyptian Thoth. The teachings of Thoth were carried to Florence and translated from the Greek along with Plato by Ficino, who catalyzed the Italian Renaissance with hermetic magic. Hermeneutical consciousness is the human capacity of interpretation through the hermetic teachings of the sacred marriage of opposites, the goal of the Great Work of the alchemists transmitted into western philosophy through Goethe and other mystics such as Sweand reached American letters by the Transcendentalist Movement chiefly due to the hermeneutics of Margaret Fuller, the Mother of American literature whose first text was a biography of Goethe.

Hermes is the patron of alchemy, and hermeneutics comprises the language of alchemical arts, including astrology and numerology, despite this occult apparatus exiled in academia. Dr. Streitfeld introduced astrology as hermeneutics into continental philosophy with her Master’s thesis (Hermeneutics of New Modernism, Atropos 2014) and doctorate (Übermensch: Nietzsche, Salome and the Ages of Aquarius” (EGS 2016).


Hieros gamos is the art theory Dr. Lisa Paul Streitfeld tracked in over 700 reviews, articles and blog posts since 1997, the year that the hieros gamos symbol appeared as the Seal of Solomon configuration between Heaven and Earth on January 23, 1997 at 12:25 pm (below).

The Hieros Gamos (“Sacred Marriage” in Greek) has been declared the icon of the 21st Century and the Age of Aquarius by pioneering philsophers (Richard Tarnas), prophet (Carl Jung) and the father of 20th century physics, (Wolfgang Pauli).


At that time, she embarked on the two decade journey to uncover the forms the icon was taking in art which led her to the Templar Treasure in 2015 and produced her breakthrough dissertation the following year: ÜBERMENSCH: Nietzsche, Salomé & the Ages of Aquarius.

hg-cunnieformIconography of the Hieros Gamos in the Pergamon Museum in Berlin. Photo be Lisa Streitfeld.

The Sacred Marriage Rites (pictured above in cunieform displayed at the Pergamon Museum in Berlin and performed by Lisa Streitfeld on 23 January 2008) were the annual New Year’s Rites at the dawn of civilization…

hgnudeLisa Streitfeld performing BLISS in the January 23, 2008 ritual commemoration of the 1997 Hieros Gamos configuration between Heaven & Earth in The Alchemy of Love: Sublimatio/ AIR.

…signifying the union of heaven and earth, as well as masculine and feminine, celebrating renewal of the vegetation cycle.

hgartifactArtifacts of the Hieros Gamos ca. 3000-2500 BC.


Dr. Wolfgang Schirmacher, Founder and Director of the Philosophy of Media Department of European Graduate School (1998-2015). Photo by Lisa Streitfeld, 2015.

Homo Generator is the philosophy of Dr. Wolfgang Schirmacher.  It requires proactive movement, the missing Third of the Heideigger “Being and Time” Homo Generator infuses every act, every creation, with the consciousness of being.

This is the term that Wolfgang Schirmacher coined for the proactive creator prescient of the DYI digital revolution. Homogenerators utilize multimedia to create their own narrative. In doing so, they become the stars in their life epic. Dr. Schirmacher realizing his dream to create the Philosophy of Media division of European Graduate School was a prime example of a philosopher living his contribution to the evolution of philosophy.


This is an alchemical term otherwise known as The Great Experiment. Carl Jung’s excavation of alchemy in the early 20th century determined that the transformation of lead into gold was only a cover for the alchemical experiment: the alchemists were actually dedicated to their personal transformation. Dr. Streitfeld excavated Jung’s relationship with Sabina Speilrein and determined that it was an alchemical rite of the Hieros Gamos result8ngbin the birth of archetypal psychology.



 Out of the One comes Two, out of Two comes Three,
and from the Third comes the One as the Fourth.

–Axiom of Maria Prophetissa cited in C.G. Jung, Psychology and Alchemy. Collected Works, Vol. 12.

The “infans solaris” (solar infant) is the child of the hieros gamos. It is the ONE as the FOURTH birthed by the THIRD, in keeping with the ancient alchemical adage of Maria Prophetissa.

The solar infant also refers to the birth of the New Sun, the new Solar archetype characterizing the New Son born out of the conversion. The formula of Maria Prophetissa uncovered by Jung reveals the passage: This One becomes two, two becomes three, and out of the third comes the one as the fourth. Let’s place our equivalence if inner/outer into the Mobius strip.


There is no English word for the Kundalini, which means coiled in Hindi and refers to both the primordial energy of the dark feminine and the deity whose face identifies this “serpent power” with the human.

“The divine power, Kundalini, shines like the stem of a young lotus; like a snake, coiled round upon herself she holds her tail in her mouth and lies resting half asleep as the base of the body”  — Yoga Kundalini Upanishad,1.82



KUNDALINI means coiled. The symbol is the serpent power which lies dorment in the spine. When awakened, the force travels up the spinal column, and if unimpeded, reaches the crown to merge with Shiva. The result is the hieros gamos, the divine marriage of opposites.



The Möbius strip is a new philosophical term encapsulating the 21st century quest towards wholeness in which inner and outer are in unity and reflect one another. From the 360 degree perspective of the Möbius strip, humanity can finally see the duplicity of the hierarchal power structure, in which those at the top of the pyramid do good deeds in daylight while engaging in secret rituals in darkness that abuse power for material gain.

A Möbius strip made with a piece of paper and tape. If an ant were to crawl along the length of this strip, it would return to its starting point having traversed the entire length of the strip (on both sides of the original paper) without ever crossing an edge. Source: Wiki Commons

The Möbius strip is a construction in which inner and outer are indistinguishable and create the holistic figure of the lemniscate traced back to Greek philosophy.


The lemniscate of Bernoulli and its two foci.  Source: Wiki Commons

Philosphers as diverse as Bracha Etinger and Slovaj Zizeck are referring to the Mobius Strip as a contruction of integration and wholeness.



This term means the science of being. The word is used to define the existence of what is being defined, therefore resolving as the Third (new definition) the Hegelian dialectic of opposites arising from the German rigid sentence construction of object that can only can follow subject, with delayed action by way of the verb’s position at the end of a sentence.


The Ouroboros is a symbol of cyclical time. For the artist, it is an alchemical process of self-devouring the shadow to give birth to oneself as a whole being.




Paulism is a term referring to the interpretation of the gospels and the life of Jesus by his disciple, St. Paul. Dr. Streitfeld adopted this term from the writer Thomas E. Uharriet, author of The Memoirs of Billy Shears to revision Paulism as “the two Pauls,” Paul McCartney and his double as the Sacred Marriage of opposites — the source of an early public image of the Hieros Gamos in the marriage of Paul McCartney with his partner Linda Eastman McCartney.


This term means the method of examining phenomenon as a form of “gathering evidence” for the creation of a theory or philosophy. Heidegger was the student of the phenomenologist Husserl.


The Sacred Center is the apex of the REAL, described by Mircea Eliade as Sacred Reality.  It is here, the scholar writes, that myths were enacted for the first time by the gods, to be repeated again and again through the ritualistic acts of humans.

Dr. Streitfeld has derived a magical formula by combining geography with mathematics into the ancient symbol of the YOD, utilizing Eliade’s formula for “Sacred Reality”: SACRED REALITY = FORCE + DURATION + ENDURANCE  

This term is used in the Science of Magic as the origin of the 21st century archetype. This may be internal or external or both, but always is about the holistic energy emanating from a place of origin. The sacred center, wrote Eliade, is where rituals are enacted in illo tempore (for the first time) and repeated into perpetuity. Acts of creation can therefore only occur in the sacred center. Magicians in the tradition of Aleister Crowley created their own sacred center as the magical circle and summoned demonic entities with the inverted crucifix. This manipulation of spirit “do what thy will unto the law” is known as black magic or Satanism.


This is an ancient practice of creating ritual structures to reflect cosmic configurations. These are typically the simple geometries of the pentagram (Venus) and the Seal of Solomon (Hieros Gamos) created for ritual enactment of the sacred principles embedded in formations of autonomous us number.



This is a term for the scholar of comparative religion, Mircea Eliade. Dr. Streitfeld uncovered Eliade’s formula for Sacred Reality: force + effectiveness + duration. She places these three characteristics in the Yod configuration, with force driving the tension of opposites that need be contained into accumulate$ power.



The six-pointed star symbol of the Hieros Gamos at the entrance of the Holy of Holies in the Temple of Jerusalem.  The integration of upper triangle (masculine/Heaven) and lower triangle (feminine/Earth) is the Sacred Marriage of opposites.


Heavily used by critical theory, this term refers to the signs, known as Signifiers, in a work which are indicators of meaning. The term can be used interchangeably with hermeneutics, yet the key difference with the terms is that hermeneutics refers to texts while semiotics can refer to anything.



“Surfgeist” was coined by Dr. Lisa Paul Streitfeld While editing Dr. Peggy Bloomer’s text (above). The origin is from the German word zeitgeist and the English word surf for a literal meaning: spirit surf. The invented term essentially means riding the crest of the quantum wave.

To enter the surfgeist means to jump into the crest of the collapsing quantum wave. This is a metaphor for stripping oneself naked to ride the energy of the erotic consciousness into the Aquarian Age archetype of the hieros gamos. The quest to embody this icon is to embrace the ideal of gender equality and experiment with an entirely new form of equal partnership.

Streitfeld coined the term when editing the text that was published with the title “Surfgeist: Narratives of Epic Mythology in New Media” by the American theorist Peggy Bloomer. This landmark study restructures the history of epic civilization into three epic narratives. The surfgeist is the passage into the Age of Aquarius; the narrative of this epic parallels that of the early Christians creating the mythical foundation of the Age.

The book contends that the technology of the new media shapes the epic. This Third epoch was launched with the onset of digital technology around the turn of the second millennium. The speeding up of the personal and collective vibration brings the demise of the archetypes and corresponding mythology of Christian era, along with its litergy of Christ’ birth and death. Bloomer defines this new era by a collective magical world view, like that of the ancients, but with the added dimension of consciousness.



This term was invented by Carl Jung as “magical moments in time” in which the outer environment gives a sign of an activated inner complex of archetypal (universal) energies.




The Yod is a mystical configuration used as a symbol in multiple systems.  It is commonly known as the last letter of the Hebrew alphabet.  Astrology refers to it as “The Finger of God” and magic refers to it as “the left-handed path.



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