What is Art-I-Fact?

Deconstructing the term artifact brings us to Art-I-Fact with its extended terms: in illo Tempore Art-I-Fact and Art-I-Fact of the Third.

Dr. Streitfeld presenting the Art-I-Fact of the Lady of Lemba excavated on Cyprus in 1976 as archeological Bi-Sex as ancient phenomenology of the Third.

All three terms inject phenomenology and time into the pursuit of timeless Truths.

The “art” that is a “fact” of the quest to excavate the “I” Self, represented by the all-seeing Third Eye. Therefore, the creation of an Art-I-Fact, which has the numinous power of a found object (objet trouve) reflecting the moment of discovery.

Therefore, the Art-I-Fact created is a reflection of the conscious moment of its creation. This is expressed in ohysicas as the wave collapse, when the particles become waves and waves become particles.

The opposites mere in the a Third entity of the Wavicle.

The understanding of a unique moment in time can be proven by the Science of Magic. This is done through the horoscope.

“But now, in the 21st century it is both: the wavicle. The artist who can combine the two ignites a ®evolution. But it isn’t enough to produce the image that combines the wave and the particle. The artist needs to make the very process of arriving at this alchemical conjunctio transparent and participatory. Imbedding his artifacts of a journey with meaning is about embracing the duality inherent in nature: the internal/negative/feminine intuition and the external/positive/masculine decisive execution.”Lisa Streitfeld in HuffPost Arts, November 2011

The wavicle is imbued with the spirit of the New in the transcendence if the binary into the Third.

For example, this is the astrology chart for the moment this definition is written:

Jupiter in Capricorn is rising with Pluto and Saturn. The Moon is almost exactly conjunct Uranus. The North Node is in Gemini, ruling speech, in the 6th House of analysis.

This unique moment in time seeks crystallization of a belief system (Jupiter in Capricorn Rising). The horoscope for this crystallization creates a specific pattern that will never occur again.

This moment of crystallization is what compelled me to open a new page to interpret meaning of Art-I-Fact, a term that cannot be merely stated but must be demonstrated.

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