What is Quantum?

This is the paradigm shift catalyzing global culture out of the decade of post-postmodernism defined by 24-7 corporate manufactured celebrity and “Woke” into an authentic awakening of a new modernism sourced in the Aquarian Age promise of an authentic equality of gender.

The language of the quantum is jolting universal concepts like paradigm shift, entanglement, non-locality, acausality. wave, particle, uncertainty, implicate/explicate order, wave collapse, nonlinearity and cyclical time.

Ironically, it was Albert Einstein himself who discovered quantum in his 1905 light experiment for which he retroactively won the 1921 Nobel Prize “for his services to Theoretical Physics, and especially for his discovery of the law of the photoelectric effect.”  

Einstein discovered that light travels in packets, known as quanta, but the physicist clung to his discovery of relativity and its linear perspective of “cause and effect” determinism, famously proclaiming “God does not play dice with the universe” in the face of a growing movement of quantum mechanics. 

A fraternity of physicists investigating acausality included the imminent scientists creating near theories sourced in their studies of the wave/particle dynamic in the laboratory. 

These pioneers of a new science of Being included Werner Heisenberg (Uncertainty Principle),  Erwin Schrödinger(Schrödinger’s cat), David Bohm (implicate and explicate order), along with  Neils Bohr, who won the 1922 for his discovery of an atomic model using quantum theory, and Wolfgang Pauli, a firm believer in complementarity, who won the Nobel Prize for his Exclusion Principle, known as the Pauli principle.

Revolutionary developments of this towering figures evolved the new physics for the 21st century. The decade (2011-2021) of the post-postmodern breakdown have led to the current moment of a paradigm shift in global culture as the light arising from the chaos which is the dark night of the soul of western culture, which effectively subsumed the globe under the Neoliberalism economics imposing postmodernism values of relativity and the breakdown of morals and values without a central belief serving as ordering principle.

Quantum enters the mainstream culture in 2022 as the antidote to the chaos caused by the divisive extension of postmodernism into Critical Race Theory and the Social Justice Movement, popularly known as “The Woke.” 

The cosmic trigger for the hieros gamos entering the collective was the Great Conjunction of December 21, 2020. This shift triggered the chaos of 2021 aftermath of the 2020 Capricorn alignment, the Great Pause manifesting through the fear and authoritarian reaction to Covid-19 

Dr. Streitfeld’s article “Mapping Pauli’s Crashing Quantum Wave: The Leong Yijing Method as Apparatus” published in the August 2021 International Journal of Recent advances in Physics produced the phenomenology of measurement confirming the 20th century prophecy of the icon of the Age of Aquarius arising as a centering principle from under the collapsed wave.

Quantum Reality is multidimensional, encompassing the paradigm leap into cyclical time in which past, present and future are experienced simultaneously. The accumulation of light from Quantum Stillness creates a new ordering principle with the centered in the archetype of the hieros gamos, the Self, embodying the universal ideals of equality, unity and universal consciousness.

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