Iconography of the Sacred Marriage Rites from Mesopotamia on display at the Pergonnan Museum in Berlin.

The Sacred Marriage Rites were performed on the top of the ziggurats at the dawn of civilization in ancient Sumer and continued into the Holy of the Holies inner chamber of Solomon’s Temple. Hughes Payans, direct descendent of the Knights Templar Founder, has confirmed that the symbol of the hieros gamos, the six-pointed star consisting of the upper and lower triangles interlocking, was displayed at the portal of the Holy of the Holies. The icon of the hieros gamos is also the icon of the Age of Aquarius where Heaven and Earth are integrated through the human body.

The prominent Mesopotamian scholar Noah Samuel Kramer wrote a book in 1963 entitled The Sacred Marriage Rite: Aspects of Faith, Myth and Ritual in Ancient Sumer which translates the Sumerian hymns recording the rituals and mythology of this religious rite.