“Lumen: A Love Story” from Faro

What a synchronicity! On my last posting, I predicted that Faro would be the site of a new modernism…

“289”, with its peering simultaneously into the past and future through the Kairos leap of present, a valuable international marker indicating the timing of a new modernism.

Venus & the Sun merge before the eight Apostles, representing the eight “gates” of Venus journey to and from the aunderworld.

…and it happened!

The opening night festivity to FOME took place in the walled castle of Faro originally built by the Moors in the 11th century via the “newest and most complex” performance by S.A. Marionettes.

What a sight!

This was a stunning work of alchemical theatre about the mythology of Venus, her passage through the eight gates, represented by the eight apostles, and her disappearance into the Underworld where she meets her partner, the Sun, in the mystical conjunctio. The music was so enthralling that I could really feel the pain of her departure as she turns from the union to complete her Underworld journey, from which she rises on the other side of the Sun as the Morning Star.

The performance was an embodiment of the mystical union, complete with the demonstration of the heart opening.

Scroll down to see the light…knowledge of this ancient mythology explaining the disappearance of the brightest star in the sky when she unites with the Sun!


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#hieroshiva is the brand for the multimedia products created by Dr. Lisa Paul Streitfeld, a Kulturindustrie theorist and media philosopher of the Hieros Gamos

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