THE EROTIC NIGHT: The Dark Energy Aesthetic in Contemporary Art

I was to deliver the treatise that I have been developing for two decades this past weekend at the McGill “Media & the Night” Conference in Montreal. It had to be postponed, of course, and this is ironic because the subject is particularly suitable for COVID-19.

Aldo Tambellini, a multimedia artist delivered this Plutonian aesthetic in his Black Gate Theater as the downtown alternative to the Warhol Factory. I just finished my 2020 application to the Warhol Foundation funded Arts Writer’s Grants Program to disseminate the dark energy aesthetic sourced in my critical penetration into Aldo’s multimedia.

…all under this Scorpio Full Moon…indicating the time has come to bring the occult into the light of academia.

What is interesting is that Aldo became good friends with Gerard Malaga, the Warhol superstar who executed the silkscreens at the Factory.

I met him at one of Aldo’s openings. He is still gorgeous!

What better sign — that the superstar Andy Warhol legacy can accept its Shadow!

My review of Aldo Tambellini at JohnWronoski’s Lame Duck Gallery in Cambridge.

When I saw a new generation of Italian art star Stefano Cagol BODY OF ENERGY in Berlin in 2015, I immediately thought of putting him together with Aldo Tambellini in an exhibition.

My review of Stefano Cagol “BODY OF ENERGY” in Berlin

My review of the Stefano Cagol retrospective in his hometown of Trento.

Thus, the paper I am writing for this Media in the Night conference.

“Paul is Dead” at 50: An Excavation

PAUL IS DEAD is a subject ripe for mediological excavation requiring occult tools that have always factored into interpretations of Beatles’ messaging.  The time and place to introduce a new “Science of Magic” with its forbidden apparatus into the academy has never been better.  Conspiracy theories surrounding Paul McCartney have been ramped up after the release of his new album Egypt Station and triumphant Freshen Up World Tour ending in July, while a virtual stream of mediology phenomenology (here is one from Revolver where the band’s transformation began) about The Beatles’ creative process keeps the online investigations fresh.  There is always something new to discover, which keeps the discussion open-ended.

Zadik Zadikian’s Leap into the Third

The spectacular Zadik Zadikian 21st century icon, Hermaphroditus, innovates the point of the feminine downward triangle as the pregnant belly, rather than the vulva, as is typical in ancient artifacts. This is surely an indication that we have moved beyond conception, beyond gestation…to the 21st century birth!

Speculative Realist (Found) Object Intervention at MIT List Visual Arts Center courtesy of Paradigm Shifting Sultan Sharrief’s Quantum Leap

“Speculative Realist (Found) Object Intervention” at “Welcome to MIT Playtest” at MIT List Visual Arts Center on May 16 succeeded in bring a post-subjective dialectic simultaneously into the American art museum & the academy at the start of “MIT Media in Transition +10: Democracy in Digital Media” — where the Mother/Great Mother was publicly honored on a gender equal panel.