The Saas-Fee Badioian Event announced on September 9, 2014 is named for Dr. Wolfgang Schirmacher, founder and director of the Saas-Fee Media Lab at European Graduate School and inventor of the homogenerator. This is the seven year timeline for the homogenerator phenomenology of quantum objects sourced in the emergent archetype of the Third (hieros gamos).Continue reading “THE SAAS-FEE EVENT SEVEN-YEAR TIMELINE”

EXCAVATING BEYOND THE MALE GAZE: Switch On Paper Investigation

Cyprus, often called Aphrodite’s island, is the birthplace of the Love Goddess, according to Greek mythology. There, in 1976, just two years after the island was split into a Greek part in the south and a Turkish part in the north, inscribing the division in its heart, an archaic statuette with male and female sexualContinue reading “EXCAVATING BEYOND THE MALE GAZE: Switch On Paper Investigation”

In Memoriam 2017: Dianne Bowen, Anne Dufourmantelle and Kate Millett

Three amazing women delivering the re-emergence of the feminine archetype passed away in 2017, leaving a crucial legacy of the 21st century journey — to internally embody the hieros gamos. Their collective contribution is lauded here as the essential crossing of boundaries between word/image for the collective goal of the physical embodiment of the Aquarian icon of gender equality.