THE EROTIC NIGHT: The Dark Energy Aesthetic in Contemporary Art



Media and the Night : Les médias et la nuit

International conference / Colloque internationalqqp
18-19 March/mars 2022


“The Erotic Night: Dark Energy as an Aesthetic in Contemporary Art” 


 Dr. Lisa Streitfeld

The internal electromagnetic journey of energy in the body reflected in Night is the interior/exterior process of a new symbol for philosophy: the Mobius strip. This paper reveals the outcome of a decade-long process tracking artists devoted to penetrating the night by way of quantum leap through a critical application of the Uncertainty Principle. The contrast of one artist using Night as a canvas and the other using the canvas as Night, with a third creating a MEME for the kundalini energy in the body creates an opening to a discussion of the THIRD. This invisible energy made visible in art has resulted in a theory of a 21st century modernism, interpreted through the dynamic erotic attraction of opposites. A contemporary dialectic exploring the human connection to Night is a metaphor for the collective surrender to the mystery of the unknown. The quantum leap into cyclical time will be presented as engaging a new aesthetic formalism of kairos, along with the role of astrology in a holistic understanding of the universe.

Dr. Streitfeld’s review of Aldo Tambellini at JohnWronoski’s Lame Duck Gallery in Cambridge.

Dr. Streitfeld’s Stefano Cagol “BODY OF ENERGY” in Berlin

Dr. Streitfeld’s review of the Stefano Cagol retrospective in his hometown of Trento.



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