OCTOBER 27, 2014


Atropos Press is pleased to announce Hermeneutics of New Modernism, a groundbreaking text decreeing a paradigm shift for western civilization in a long-awaited assimilation of philosophy, science and art.

Lisa Paul Streitfeld provides the ontology behind the SAAS FEE EVENT announced on Huffington Post Arts (September 9, 2014) with the greatest minds of western philosophy as participants: Wolfgang Schirmacher, Alain Badiou, Boris Groys, Antonio Negri, Michael Hardt, Graham Harman, Giorgio Agamben and Slavoj Zizek.

The author discloses the new science of entanglement at work in a new collaborative philosophy in Dr. Schirmacher’s Saas Fee laboratory among these and other contemporary continental philosophers. The hermeneutics of a new modernism is established through the author’s bold new insights into ancient and contemporary texts via the Badiousian “number is ontology” to arrive at a new era of the tertiary.

Building on a series of papers on the Heisenberg Uncertainty Principle [delivered in Dublin (2009), Berlin (2010) and Los Angeles (2012)] this Gestalt daughter of the Human Potential Movement recognized her role as both catalyst and reporter to the 2014 Badiousian Event uncovering a 21st century icon pursued in over two decades of art writing.

Dr. Streitfeld establishes the phenomenology tracing the Saas-Fee ontology to the 21st century icon forecast by C.G. Jung, father of modern psychology and Wolfgang Pauli, father of quantum physics.

The text originated as Dr. Streitfeld’s Master’s thesis in the Media Lab of European Graduate School awarded with distinction in 2014. She received her Ph.D. Magna cum laude in Media Philosophy in 2016.

The author traveled the globe interpreting new modernist art forms through her (R)evolution Series on Huffington Post Arts.  Her GESAMTKUNSTWERK gets to the source of the icon through two decades of creative writing and New Media.

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