Igor Przybylski’s “Maximum Speed”

Since launching this blog in conjunction with the November 2014 publication of Hermeneutics of New Modernism, my first view into painterly forms of a new modernism was an erotic immersion…

Super hot icons of “entanglement” combine with the object(ive) of speed.

Igor Pryzbylski’s “Maximum Speed” (Hochstgeschwindigkeit) creates 21st century icons of quantum entanglement out of 20th century found objects of high speed connections.

Przybylski transmits Web 3.0 into neo-modernist forms transmitted from the found object onto the in-between geometric potential of the flat surface so glorified by that 20th century critic Clement Greenberg..

The encrypted message of speed in the red dot in a 3 sequence contained in the quaternity of crystalization.

The setting was ideal, a gallery in the andel’s Hotel Berlin, with a typically East Berlin view…

…over the S-Bahn tracks.

The unificiation of number in quantity and quality: in figuration (40 + 20 = 60 = 6) and symbol (the 6 wheels of the representing the unity of the paradigm leap from one-sided left brain linear world view into holistic marriage of right/left brain into the cyclical)

Since, experiencing these uber modern images, which tranform the vintage into icons of speed, I have been having dreams of high speed transport as an open door to the manifestation of the quantum leap in my writing…

The sleek geometries imbedded in the door, as opening to a shift in intensity.

I just applied for a new job reporting on international finance…which was strange considering the job is on the U.S. East Coast and I am in Berlin. It is good to get visual reminders of geography as identity…

From the series “Where is Poland”, a visual understanding of why Poland was forever being invaded and annexed by its neighbors.

The entanglement of the object into a unified sleek modernist icon of speed.

…offering to do for global finance reporting what I did for a global art movement, the quantum leap into Web 3.0.

I find this image of electrical connection so incredibly erotic! Reinforcing my feeling is the ontology of number, five rempresenting the feminine number of change entangling the binary object(ives) into the invisible third: speed!

…There is magic in the neo-modernist Badiouian “number is ontology” language this Polish artist created as a result of his “entanglement” with international critics at the 2013 AICA Congress in Slovakia…

Przybylski interacting with the AICA critics during the train ride from Kosice to Bratislavia.

Under high speed conditions, steering is key..

Particularly when the wheel is divided into three equal parts, and again the three enters the picture as the number of cirlces surrounding the central sphere, which is grey, representing the in-between realm of the Third, a new science of “entanglement”.

So, we will see how this magical connection between inner & outer goes…

Taurus, the astrological sign of the Bull, means wealth. The name combines with the unity of number, a new story told in a novel way: the figurative 3 with the 3 sided triangle x 2 = the 6 unity of the Lovers/hieros games.

Here is the “Maximum Speed” exhibition statement by Igor Przybylski, a native of Warsaw and graduate of the Warsaw Academy of Fine Arts:

On September 2nd, 2006, the Taurus locomotive of the EuroSprinter family set a new world record for conventional electric locomotives. No. 1216-050 locomotive with a capacity of 6000 kW owned by Austrian Federal Railways ÖBB reached a top speed of 357 km/h near Ingolstadt. 10 locomotives of the series are currently used in Poland by PKP Intercity. The Maximum speed / Höchstgeschwindigkeit exhibition is the result of an analysis of the record-breaking Taurus series’ design, as well as their predecessors, the DB 103 series, which in 1985 broke the world record on German rails, reaching the speed of 283 km/h.

Lisa Paul Streitfeld is a critic for Huffington Post Arts and author of the Hermeneutics of New Modernism based in Berlin.

All images of Igor Przybylski’s “High Speed” are copyright Lisa Paul Streitfeld.


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