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Leonard Cohen Park

Pour ma chère J-F:

Les Hasards Nécessaires

Penn Station to Gare Centrale de Montréal

crossing the border by means of a test

originating in Quebec’s magical forest

La Reine des jeux has spoken:

“Necessary Chances are the first step to the Hieros Gamos.”

Did I write test? I meant text!

Les Hasards Nécessaires

is a mathematical marriage proposal

how many synchronicities

make the sacred wedding?

Let’s recount…

#1 is an interview with a Montreal scholar

who believes—not in destiny or fate

but radical contingency

“In French it is hasard,” he says

Les Hasards Nécessaires

“first step” that brought me to Montreal.

#2 begins with two pears

lying in the market

wanting to be caressed.

I purchase both

nibbling one pear in the Sun

Other smooshed in Shadow.

Moon eclipses Sun

Hélio dancing on a Medicine Wheel.

Faro tiles pointing in four directions

bursts upon me as dawn rises

sleeping on a wrought iron bench

facing the Atlantic west

houses of bright hues

cheery tiles that make me smile

white stone obelisk crowning

the cross of the four directions

wrought iron bench to the ocean east

I am in Parc du Portugal

Hélio de Jesus Pereira Mestre

gifts his handmade bag

with his Old World seeds

in my lap of New Worlds born

facing the hexagon gazebo

I stick my index finger into the Pereira heart

Les Hasards Nécessaires

Penn Station to Gare Centrale de Montréal

crossing the border by means of a test

originating in Quebec’s magical forest

La Reine des jeux has spoken:

“Necessary Chances are the first step to the Hieros Gamos.”

pull out two tiny seeds to plant

projecting into his “spacetime”

journey to the magical forest

with the bag of Helio seeds

on my lap on his office couch

awaiting semance from the Unicorn head

who spells out my “scared marriage”


…the term we invented for our Web 3.0 leap

translated upon my seed collection

“Je ne suis pas prêt à te voir.”

then, I will take Montreal…Eros, guide me

to your Tripled Breasted Mont Royal!

I find myself falling in love with the city

named for the Hieros Gamos…

Nietzsche’s Sacre Monte resurrected as

Ville-Marie — Bride of Christ

New World marrying French romance & Anglo reserve

…again, we are reversing roles

Duende, says Lorca is magical power

luring girls and boys into the forest

fumbling their way home

flamenco is how Cohen spiraled

into the interior coniunctio

his six-chord passion play

oh, to balance the Sacred & Profane

at the Cross of the Four Directions

crowning quintessence writ on the Portuguese Flag!

“Leonard Cohen Park!” proclaims his missive

Adding link of Montreal’s troubadour & pal

fraternizing on the bench of my #WeToo pear-I-fact

our/oroboros is complete now

twin Flame’s Les Hasards Nécessaires challenge

our own duende of coniunctios interior/exterior.

#WeToo rendition Stinging Synchronicity

recounting how many for the magical pear

to conjure a pair as One

the maestro’s triad chords

Translating mathematics into poetry

#3 Leonard Cohen himself utters:

“From a third-storey window above the Parc du Portugal,

I’ve watched the snow come down all day.

As usual, there’s no one here. There never is.”

No one but us.

–Lisa Paul Streitfeld


March 1, 2019

Planting Faro Seeds in Little Portugal, Montreal

Eclipses have powerful effects that can take years to manifest. So experiencing a life-altering Red Moon Lunar Eclipse conjunct Mars Retrograde on my Aquarian Sun in an Algarve campground wasn’t to be illuminated until a quarter turn of the annual solar cycle…at least!

I was still on crutches recovering from my injury in s hammock and overwhelmed by the feeling of having no idea where the cosmos would carry me under such precipitous connections…

Red Moon rising in the Algarve…

…under the Lunar Eclipse in Aquarius/Leo conjunct the Red Planet on July 26, 2018

I only know that I could never have imagined Helio de Jesus Perera Maestre, who approached me in full ritual regalia complete with his seed bag dangling from the belt of his skin colored shorts just before dawn. He startled me as he made a beeline towards me with an intensity I had only known…in myself!

I was sitting on a bench at the port of Faro where I spent the night before my plane to Berlin. He charmed me with his physical grace and Scottish rogue accent. It didn’t take long to recognize a soulmate in him and I accepted his invitation to breakfast at his family home.

Helio performing under the effects of the Leo on the beach on the Praia on Isla de Faro.

The final Solar Eclipse in Leo on August 11 found me in Faro, Portugal, invited by my soul brother, Helio de Jesus (yes that is his given name!) the most unexpected and breathtaking manifestation of a Hieros Gamos partner that has manifested in full-physical form under my cosmic and world travels circumnavigating the globe and the galactic center.

Preparing the Seeds inside the Faro Medicine Wheel outside the castle.

Helio performing “9000 Seeds” under the Solar Eclipse of August 11, 2018

Due to Helio’s invitation, I missed my flight to Berlin in August 6. He found me an apartment and I fell in love with Faro. I just knew that I wanted to live there when I first arrived.

Demonstrating a love for Faro.

But fate drew me away from my heart’s desire, for I suddenly received funds to return to NYC, which I did on September 20, after spending exactly three months in Spain and Portugal.

Helio gave me a handmade bag with seeds that I attached to my purse.

But how could I have anticipated that a new love would draw me to Montreal on September 26 where I did a seed planting ritual in Little Portugal with the seeds from my pear and his bag…

The pear of Helio de Jesus’ surname Perera beneath a monument with the Portuguese flag of the four elements with the quintessential fifth, the Hieros Gamos in the center. elements with the quintessen

Planting the pear seed to catalyze the 9000 Seed Project in my new base of Quebec.

The view of the planting site under the Portuguese flag in Parc du Portugal, Montreal.

The hexagonal gazebo in Parc du Portugal representing the Hieros Gamos at the center of the Portuguese flag.

The street tribute to the Portuguese immigrants in Quebec.