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Speculative Realist (Found) Object Intervention at MIT List Visual Arts Center courtesy of Paradigm Shifting Sultan Sharrief’s Quantum Leap

“Speculative Realist (Found) Object Intervention” at “Welcome to MIT Playtest” at MIT List Visual Arts Center on May 16 succeeded in bring a post-subjective dialectic simultaneously into the American art museum & the academy at the start of “MIT Media in Transition +10: Democracy in Digital Media” — where the Mother of all academic panels took place under Sultan Sharrief’s visionary art process.

The introduction to the conference in the rarified space of the MIT List Arts Center was an interactive/participatory Event delivering the new paradigm art that I have been exalting as a critic for two decades!

At the entrance was preconference organizer Sultan Sharrief’s invitation to participate in his VR multimedia project-in-process: “Ancestral Holograms.”  Encountering his ancestor in VR had a haunting effect after I met his brother in the food line and experienced his mother’s powerful presence on the integrated panel offering valuable insights about authentic collaboration arising from the heart — with examples in the local community.

By way of this rooted authenticity, the ancestral tradition leaps from locality to the national stage of the art museum!

“Welcome to MIT Playtest” on May 16, 2019 was an invitation to conference participants bring projects for open discussion…


“Speculative Realist (Found) Objects & the Ontology of Desire: Montreal, Cyprus and Berlin” found there way into the art museum by way of “Welcome to MIT Playtest” on May 16, 2019.


Phenomenology of “Speculative Realist (Found) Object Intervention” was intended to accompany my May 17 delivery of my paper…


A slide from my May 17 presentation completing the Quantum Experiment initiated on May 16 as a matter of fidelity to the Sept. 9, 2014 declaration of the EVENT that launched this blog.

…in order to launch a new dialectic by way of an intervention on the all-Male Speculative Realist Movement by way of a 360-perspective of Eros as the tension between the opposites in my presentation:  Web 3.0 and the (R)evolution of Desire: The Quantum Leap from #MeToo to #WeToo.

CLICK HERE for the abstract:

Valerie Giovanini (EGS 2017) hands a participant a card about her “Handmaiden’s Tale” panel with a photo depicting the use of the speculative object of the Eros uniform in civil disobedience.


I discuss a new dialectic of Eros in the academy with Sasha, a theater student deconstructing the character of Blanche in “Streetcar named Desire” for the local Fringe Festival.

After my first participation in an authentic incorporation of VR as an interactive medium into a paradigm leap as the organizer’s prompt into “Welcome to MIT Playtest”…participants were led through a makeshift labyrinth in the basement of the building…



….where Sultan Sharrief arose above the seated crowd as the priest of a new order, bringing his ancestry from virtual reality into the heart of the live action — by way of introducing a panel projecting into the future with his mother Sabreen Sharrief and four other paradigm shifter’s leap into the future (L-R): Henry Jenkins, Cornel West, Charity Everett and Jongwoo Han.

Web 3.0 and the (R)evolution of Desire: The Quantum Leap from #MeToo to #WeToo

Dr. Lisa Paul Streitfeld at the MIT List Arts Center in Cambridge on May 17, 2019.

CLICK HERE for the video of Dr. Streitfeld’s presentation.

Web 3.0 and the (R)evolution of Desire: The Quantum Leap from #MeToo to #WeToo

Dr. Lisa Paul Streitfeld

Kulturindustrie theorist Dr. Lisa Paul Streitfeld has been a pioneer of realtime online New Media collaborative practice since 2006. Her 2014 project designated to open online social network space for Web 3.0 collaboration made her a target of binary opposition when the #MeToo media firestorm arising from celebrity cult power structures hit home turf. Her paper is the outcome of a 2018 Web 3.0 collaboration assessing the impact of social media movements: “From #MeToo to #WeToo”.

#MeToo shaking up entrenched power structures and collapsing the hierarchies of celebrity cults in government, the academy and the entertainment industry is viewed from a quantum Web 3.0 perspective freeing desire from the oppression of the Web 2.0 “Like.” Producing the phenomenology of a media firestorm surrounding a Web 3.0 initiative to deconstruct the hidden power structures surrounding Critical Theory celebrity cults in the American academy, this paper utilizes hermeneutics as apparatus to investigate the historical nature of cult and its relation to the occult as the alternative to the patriarchal literary canon. Dr. Streitfeld’s philosophical archeology of #MeToo investigates institutional control over feminine desire against the contemporary mythology of a Reality TV twittering Oval Office bypassing governmental hierarchies to demonstrate a transparency of power transcending Clinton’s scandalous affair in the literal seat of power under the similar circumstances of a government shutdown. From the cultural upheaval, the emergence of a universal 21st century icon of gender balance is apprehended by means of tracing the hermeneutics of desire in the academy — from the academic repression following the landmark 1992 Jane Gallop sexual harassment case up to the 2018 #MeToo disclosure of the gender-bending digital phenomenology of institutionalized erotic coercion in Reitman vs. Ronell debated endlessly through social media. This paper is the outcome of the author’s twelve-year social media experiment — from the psychological domination of Eros via the Web 2.0 “Like” into the liberating quantum leap of the Web 3.0 #WeToo collaboration across the social network.