“Surfgeist” was coined by Lisa Paul Streitfeld.

To enter the surfgeist means to jump into the crest of the collapsing quantum wave. This is a metaphor for stripping oneself naked to ride the energy of the erotic consciousness into the Aquarian Age archetype of the hieros gamos. The quest to embody this icon is to embrace the ideal of gender equality and experiment with an entirely new form of equal partnership.

Streitfeld coined the term when editing the text that was published with the title “Surfgeist: Epic Narratives in New Media by the American theorist Peggy Bloomer. This landmark study restructures the history of epic civilization into three epic narratives. The surfgeist is the passage into the Age of Aquarius; the narrative of this epic parallels that of the early Christians creating the mythical foundation of the Age.

The book contends that the technology of the new media shapes the epic. This Third epoch was launched with the onset of digital technology around the turn of the second millennium. The speeding up of the personal and collective vibration brings the demise of the archetypes and corresponding mythology of Christian era, along with its litergy of Christ’ birth and death. Bloomer defines this new era by a collective magical world view, like that of the ancients, but with the added dimension of consciousness.