Doppleganger in Berlin by Lisa Paul Streitfeld

The Doppelganger, a reflection of Other, is a literary and philsophy term for the externalization of an inner projection.

The Doppelganger is a relationship related to a need to externally manifest an inner feeling or constellation of energy that can be read through the relationships of planetary bodies in your horoscope.
Today’s leading Kulturindustrie theorist,<a href=”; target=”_hplink”> Dr. Laurence Rickels</a>, has been the pioneering interpreter of the Shadow in academia through his psychoanalysis of the popular genre of the horror film. His penetrating research of the past two decades reveals the vampire to have entered German literature through the <a href=”; target=”_hplink”>doppelganger</a>. The utilization of the terminology of doubling (Doppel) for the Shadow associated with the life-draining vampire is significant. This is the external projection utlized by the film medium of celluloid to evoke the internal barrier to human transcendence out of realism.