The dawn of a new age brings by necessity a new myth. No matter what the origin, all of humanity is equally united in the mysterious unfolding of the Aquarian Age mythology as it takes hold in the universal unconscious. Like the ancient priests, we modern day astrologers are equipped — with our fluency in symbols and mystical diagrams of energy flows — to interpret this mythology for the collective. How then, do we navigate the critical passage from the millennial breakdown of the patriarchal archetypes into a new expression of equal partnership?

The key lies with the mystical yod: a rediscovery of this crucial configuration can be achieved through the integration of western logic with the intuitive worldview of the ancients. The latent power of this geometrical figure is capable of unlocking the emerging Aquarian Age archetype of the hieros gamos (Greek for sacred marriage) from the universal unconscious and delivering it to the collective. Since 1997, I have been examining the role the Yod has played in the breakdown of the patriarchal archetypes and the formation of the holistic Self. In 2005, I launched an experiment with the international avant-garde utilizing the mystical power of the yod to bring the hieros gamos into the collective consciousness.

This essay is therefore in two parts: the first is to examine the role the yod plays in the unfolding of a new mythology. The second installment reports the results of my avant-garde experiment.


The ancients connected with the divine through ceremonies and rituals timed to cosmological events. Rituals, wrote the great teacher Mircia Eliade, were created for the first time by divinity and forever reenacted by archaic peoples. But Eliade prefaced this idea with a warning: a new mythology can only be born on sacred ground. How do we prepare a sacred ground for the influx of the new archetypes? Before we can attempt to answer this question, we must define the sacred.

The world renowned scholar of comparative religion, Mircea Eliade, has stated that for something to sacred, it has to be real. The symbol for the center of sacred reality is the cosmic mountain, where the ancients constructed an environment of worship to communicate with the gods. In defining the center as “absolute reality”, Eliade states that every sacred city, temple or palace is a cosmic mountain, the highest point on earth and, at the same time, the naval of the earth.

All sacred construction was, therefore, intended as the absolute center of reality. This explains why Christian churches are found on the sites of the ancient temples. The secret struggle of the freemasons to replace what had been lost to Christianity–the feminine– resulted in the integration of sacred symbols into the very structure of the many magnificent Cathedrals they built in Europe,

While many seekers are drawn to ancient sites today in hopes of an awakening, we have no modern structural counterparts to contain the spirit of a new zeitgeist built to reflect the current map of the changing cosmos. As the Jungian scholar Marie Louise Von Franz noted, the concept of the archetypal cannot be easily assimilated into modern western thought. We lack the linguistic forms to image a process or activity that has no material carrier: “Ancient cultures expressed these pure, eternal processes as gods, that is, powers or lines of action through which spirit is concretized into energy and matter.”

How then, can modern day individuals recognize the earthly manifestation of the new myth struggling to take hold in our consciousness? Von Franz compares the widespread dissemination of a new archetype to a rumor, coming into wide acceptance only when the underlying archetypal structure in the collective unconscious is activated, i.e. charged with energy.

Moreover, the momentous work of C.G. Jung alerted us to the role played by symbols in the unfolding of archetypal events in our lives. We shall see how the yod serves as a both a symbol and container for spirit on the way to being concretized into matter. But first, we must analyze sacred reality.

Eliade defines sacred reality as a combination of force, duration and effectiveness.* In numerology, three is the number of creativity. Therefore, all three elements are necessary for the creative manifestation of sacred reality.

Let’s place the three into the yod:

Resonance, the manifestation of the divine in the body, is found in the descriptive metaphor for the efficacious yod: the Finger of God. Appearing in the form of syncronistic events, what the Christians called “miracles”, the showering of revelations from the heavens were depicted in medieval images, Renaissance paintings and folk art as a hand of God pointing through the clouds. These “miracles” were symbolized by the actual image of God interfering with his creation.

The force at the apex (0 degrees Aires) represents the renewal of the life force at the Spring Equinox. The apex of the natural yod (0 degrees Aires on the ascendant of the natural wheel) forms two inconjuncts at the cusp of the sixth and eighth houses. These energy points comprise the duration of fixed water, or Scorpio (the unseen spirit), with the effectiveness of mutable earth, or Virgo (physical form). By placing Eliade’s equation for sacred reality in the yod configuration, we can learn details of the emerging archetypes of the Aquarian Age.


An activated yod, therefore, creates events in the life of an individual that seem delivered from God. These arrive in the form of syncronicities which provide essential feedback that action taken towards an individual destiny is in accordance with a higher plan. For example, the yod is extremely prominent in the astrological chart for the sighting of the Virgin in Yugoslavia (chart #2). Virgo, at the apex, is the form, the constellation of the Virgin. Such sightings have offered proof of miracles to Christians. As we enter a non-mechanistic scientific paradigm, there is growing belief of this view of the universe in which new creations are always possible. (von Franz p130)

In order to encounter the images at the root of western causality, we don’t have to venture further than the greatly feared yet respected Greek goddesses: Anake (Necessity), Dike (Justice), Heimarmene (Allotted Fate) and Nemesis (Retribution). The word necessity is related to the Latin necto (“I bind”) and nexus (“bound”).21 As we have witnessed in our diagrams, fate is the inevitable result of a deficiency in ego consciousness, or self awareness, resulting in a “binding” to worn patterns.

While the quality of a moment in time can be interpreted by studying cosmic maps, the choice of direction taken by an individual whose yod is activated cannot be predetermined. The outcome of any action, or non-action, related to the yod is dependent on the feedback loop affecting awareness. Consider, for example, the acausal orderedness immediately resulting from a conscious choice to embark on the path of wholeness and unity. These “miracles” are the result of syncronicities, defined by Jung as “acts of creation in time.”

Syncronicities abound for the destined individual who acts in accordance with time. Conversely, the individual who fails to react under the same circumstances is subject to the law of causality; Instead of energy charged syncronicities propelling one down their path as if gently prodded by the “Finger of God”, there are only the draining projections of entropic chaos. Fashion images of “heroin chic” staring out of slick magazines in the 1990’s were society’s dark mirrors for those who had the potential and the opportunity, yet failed to step through the open door towards the liberating new archetypes.

As the modern mechanistic view of the universe breaks down, we enter the Aquarian Age with a growing consensus among various disciplines of the interconnectedness of life and the underlying patterns of the universe. Jung always spoke of the human psyche as mysterious, yet astrologers have a privileged insight into its functioning. By examining the cosmic energy map, we can analyze the messages contained within sacred geometry and their meaning to humanity.

In Part Two we will examine the Yod in Astrology, how the Finger of God was activated in The Beatles story as the birth of the Aquarian archetype over fifty years.

Dr. Lisa Paul Streitfeld

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